20 Worst Movies Of 2017

2. Bad Kids Of Crestview Academy

Bad Kids Of Crestview Academy
BKG2H Productions

If you knew there was ONE Bad Kids Of Crestview Academy movie you're probably in the minority, and you'd be in an even smaller one still if you could find an explanation for why the second was greenlit at all after the first one made no money.

Sure, the graphic novel series it's set on sells well, but this is as far from a good adaptation as humanly imaginable and it misses every beat it aims for. And watching it, it's very clear why it was released so quietly (again, why it exists again is still the big mystery)

It tries to be a black horror/comedy mash-up, but it's neither funny nor dark enough, and the gore it slathers all over everything is an unsatisfying stand-in. If all you want is the fetishism of "clever" deaths, watch any of the Saw sequels before this - even the worst ones are better than this.

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