20 Worst Movies Of 2018 (So Far)

16. Life Of The Party

Life Of The Party Melissa McCarthy
Warner Bros.

Melissa McCarthy, you're better than this. A PG-13 coming-of-age comedy co-written and directed by McCarthy's hubby Ben Falcone - their third collaboration together in this fashion - Life of the Party is a shockingly bland frat movie that suffers from its inability to drop an F-bomb or get remotely edgy.

Maya Rudolph is splendid as usual, because of course, but McCarthy's a stunning bore in this, clearly being hamstrung by the movie's non-permissive rating.

You know where it's going, it offers little fresh or unique and is quickly forgotten. Studio comedy at its most unimaginative and lazy.

Worst Moment: Christina Aguilera's totally random cameo, which comes and goes with little fanfare as though she only had 15 minutes to shoot it.


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