20 WTF Moments From The Golden Globes 2017

Shame, Michael Keaton.


The Golden Globes is usually a more fun and unpredictable alternative to the Oscars, because it takes itself a little less seriously, everyone knows it has no integrity, and the attendees tend to get a lot drunker.

As a result, it's an annual tradition that the jokes are riskier, the A-listers are more animated and unrestrained, and it's not as long-winded as the Academy's interminable awards season capper.

This year's show was a heavily mixed bag overall, thankfully introducing some more diversity to the awards circus even if there were some bizarre snubs. The shadow of Donald Trump unavoidably hovered over the entire show and many chose to engage with it, while the Republicans in the audience no doubt quietly cringed into their seats.

From the hilarious to the obscene, here are 20 WTF moments from the Golden Globes 2017...


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