2012 Films: Best And Worst Of The Year Awards

With the first few releases of 2013 hitting cinemas this week, and the Oscar nominations coming our way on Thursday, we're being given some firm closure on the last 12 months in film. The various awards groups are letting out with their "best of" awards, but at WhatCulture, we like to it a little differently. I've seen over 300 films released in the year 2012, but the beauty of one-person lists is that they're generally not bound by the same sheepishness that characterises many of these awards shows; there tends to be a more singular personality to them, and moreover, I'm not bound by some of the ridiculous restrictions that the Academy, for one, imposes upon itself. Hence why you'll see Christoph Waltz listed as a Leading Actor in a moment, rather than in the Supporting docket, given how much he carries the film. Also note that this list includes any film that has screened at a festival or had its first release anywhere in 2012; as a result, it will include many films that haven't yet had a UK release, and also some that haven't had a US release as well. And without further ado, let's get this show on the road, kicking off with Best Picture. Note that all runners-up are in order of preference.

Best Picture

Watch the countdown from 20th to 1st below or click "Next" to jump straight to the results.
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