2012: Year In Review Video

On New Year€™s Day, I emerged from the darkened cinema of life, bleary-eyed, greasy-haired and wearing nothing but a loincloth made from goblin skin after having seen 50 films in the year of our lord, 2012. Marvel at my monotonous delivery, as I had a cold and had to make stuff up on the spot - er, I mean, meticulously prepared for your viewing pleasure. There are some obvious choices, some divisive decisions and some gems which not everyone would have managed to see. From Cronenberg to Batman, and from Amy Adams to Willem Dafoe, a whole range of films are covered. I think I€™m going to have a lie down now and watch a few less films this year. Maybe just Star Trek into Darkness, Elysium and Cloud Atlas. OK, maybe I€™ll add in Kick-Ass 2 and The Zero Theorem. That€™s it. Well, Twelve Years a Slave and A Field in England obviously, that€™s a given. Oh, but I couldn€™t forget Don John€™s Addiction and The Wolverine. And maybe I€™ll try and sneak in Pacific Rim and Only God Forgives€ aw, damn it! See you, inevitably, in 2014, where I€™ll probably resemble Smeagol even more closely, having watched more films, and Peter Jackson will delay the end of the Hobbit Trilogy again and ask me to take over second-unit for a fourth part based upon an extra comment Tolkien added by accident in an original, previously unseen manuscript. 'Til then, boys and girls€

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