22 Most Insane Murders In Thriller Movie History

21. Sickle To The Throat - Battle Royale

The Murder: Throat cut open with a sickle. Who: Megumi Eto. By Whom: Mitsuko Souma. Motive: She had to, to survive the Battle Royale program. What Makes It Insane? Mitsuko was one of the first to decide to play the Battle Royale game and she's dead set on surviving it. Early on, she kills a school girl who (naïvely) decided to trust her: the two talk for a minute while Mitsuko first pretends she doesn't want to kill Megumi. Suddenly, she chases Megumi through the room, grabs her from behind and whispers she won't be found dead like the other kids she'd already found dead before. She coldly cuts open Megumi's throat with her sickle, in one of the most unhinged movie moments ever made.

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