22 Shots That Completely Ruined The Magic Of Star Wars

Darth Kiss A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, George Lucas had a dream about intergalactic trade routes, magic and slightly racist alien caricatures. In 1977 that dream became real life, only without the need for sexual equality and racial diversity, and a whole new race of starry-eyed nerds were born, full of snark, and committed to their love in a way that One Direction and Twilight fans would never really understand. Obviously the real thing that ruined Star Wars for everyone was the wayward direction of the prequel trilogy, built on Lucas' arrogant and utterly misguided assumption that he was the best man to build upon the success of the originals, despite his original being the weakest of all three Originals (comparatively speaking of course.) For that reason, you won't find any further mention of those movies here. But aside from those legacy-stomping inferior prequels, there's something else that spoils the impact of some of Star Wars most iconic scenes and characters. Seeing the puppet's strings, and the revelations that undermine some of the most iconic sequences in the history of cinema is never a good thing, and the vast amount of set shots and images that have hit the net since the Original trilogy came out means there is more opportunity than for most films to see those types of images. The shots in this collection might be beloved by some hardcore fans, but they show the tricks behind the magic too much, and ultimately they rob something from every Star Wars fan's experience of watching the films. Honourable Mention

Stormtroopers At Ease

Stormtroopers At Ease Initially, the idea of stormtroopers as anything but dedicated, sub-human warriors, with a prime directive to serve their master, and no individuality might seem a little jarring, but this particular rare set shot turns that expectation on its head, presenting a group of stormtroopers at ease, posing casually between takes, presumably. This one doesn't actually ruin any of the magic of the film - instead it portrays the usually faceless canon-fodder as swaggering, posing playboys, all cocked shoulders and provocative bent knees, and the result is an infinite increase in cool points. And we also now have a pretty definitive answer concerning exactly how much hair the average stormtrooper helmet could accommodate.
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