25 Biggest WTF Moments From 2017 Movies

24. The Threesome - Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 Mariette Mackenzie Davis
Warner Bros.

Though Blade Runner 2049's famous sex scene wasn't remotely graphic, it nevertheless raised the eyebrows of just about everyone who watched it.

Because replicant K (Ryan Gosling) can't consummate his "relationship" with his holographic companion Joi (Ana de Armas), she arranges for him to have sex with a replicant prostitute, Mariette (Mackenzie Davis).

The twist? Joi synchronises her holographic movements to Mariette's actions, giving K the kinda-impression that he's actually having sex with her instead.

The end result is as bizarre as it is beautiful, thanks to outstanding, surreal visual effects, creating a peculiar yet alluring amalgam of Armas and Davis' features, in a scene that manages to be sexy, strange and surprisingly tasteful all at once.


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