25 Biggest WTF Moments From 2017 Movies

1. Henry Cavill's Weird CGI Face - Justice League

Justice League Henry Cavill Mustache
Warner Bros.

But as baffling, bizarre and utterly ludicrous as these moments were, not one of them was quite as peculiar as the digital shave administered to Henry Cavill's face in Justice League.

Cavill was called back for extensive Justice League reshoots while he was busy shooting Mission: Impossible 6, a role for which he sported a large, bushy moustache.

Because Paramount wanted to be awkward and wouldn't let Cavill shave his face for Justice League (even though digital facial hair is extremely easy to apply), Warner Bros. were forced to spend a huge amount of time and money on digitally removing Cavill's moustache in post-production.

The results are, unfortunately, not good, and a large number of Cavill's scenes feature him sporting a weirdly offputting, totally distracting digital upper lip that only emphasises how rushed and thrown-together the entire film feels.

Ultimately it's just another embarrassment to add to the DCEU's pile, but at least we all got some laughs out of it.

Which movie moments most shocked, appalled and amused you throughout 2017? Shout them out in the comments!

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