25 Biggest WTF Moments From 2017 Movies

23. Stanley Tucci Is Recast As Merlin...For Some Reason - Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers The Last Knight Merlin Stanley Tucci

There are a ton of WTF moments to choose from in Michael Bay's fifth Transformers movie, but the strangest occurs early on, when Stanley Tucci's unexpected new role is revealed.

Tucci appeared in the previous film, Age of Extinction, as toolbag tech mogul Joshua Joyce, and when he was confirmed to be returning in The Last Knight, everyone understandably assumed he'd be reprising the Joyce role.

Bay, however, had other plans, recasting Tucci as Merlin in a flashback sequence, where a drunken Merlin begs the Transformers to help him defeat the Saxons, and so they gift him an alien staff.

Tucci's presence is both hilarious and completely distracting for its entirety, and no better than when he slurrs, "I'm sozzled!" while riding on horseback. Utter insanity.


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