Having already written an article about the 25 most powerful heroes in comic book movies, which seemed to go down fairly well (as far as input goes anyway, obviously it divided opinion!), I’ve decided to go ahead with a villain version.

So, first let me explain my criteria in order to limit the potential disappointment of readers who may be expecting to see someone in particular…

This is based on levels of power (i.e. super-powers), not political power, not financial power, not level of influence or popularity. As a result, the likes of the Joker, Lex Luthor and Red Skull will be missing out.

There will be no cosmic entities such as the horrible depictions of Galactus or Parallax in the list, while guys like Sinestro, who weren’t really villains in their respective movie appearances, also won’t be considered.

Someone like Hawkeye, who was merely mind-controlled when he misbehaved, will also not be on this list, while the evil half of Christopher Reeve’s Superman personality will also not be on, since it wasn’t really a separate character.

I’ll also be ruling out generic characters and armies, so the Chitauri and the Golden Army will not be on the list, for instance.

This list also takes in to account circumstantial powers (so, for instance, if someone’s power was the ability to control diamond, it’s pretty useless in an everyday scenario and they’d be very unlikely to feature here – or their placing might suffer as a result, at least).

And remember – movie depictions only, so while Juggernaut is generally considered to be a very powerful character, the lame Vinnie Jones version essentially did nothing more than run through a few walls in the movieverse and will not be on this list either (and the same goes for Thanos, who has yet to display any physical power whatsoever).

On that note, let’s dig in! Here are the 25 most powerful comic book MOVIE villains…

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This article was first posted on September 12, 2013