25 Movie Talents We Lost In 2018

Remembering those who passed.

Matt Sayles

The end of any year inevitably invites some quiet reflection on what has happened in the world of film and TV over the past 12 months. We've seen towering achievements in film-making, stunning stories told and brave new worlds opened up and the future looks right.

But we would be nowhere without the past, and 2018 also saw the sad deaths of many talents whose work will forever be associated with the history of cinema. They're now immortalised in their works but they will all be sadly missed.

In tribute to all those lost this past year we bring to you What Culture’s annual obituary list.

25. R. Lee Ermey

Warner Bros.

Former Marine corps drill instructor and star of Full Metal Jacket and the Toy Story franchise (in which he played Sarge the plastic soldier) died at the age of 74 in California in April.

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