25 Things You Didn't Know About The Mask

24. Nicolas Cage & Matthew Broderick Were Considered For Stanley Ipkiss

Nicolas Cage Vampires Kiss
Magellan Pictures

Though it's basically impossible to imagine anyone else in the dual role of neurotic bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss and The Mask, a number of other rising and established stars alike were considered for the part before New Line landed on Jim Carrey.

Most intriguingly, Nicolas Cage and Matthew Broderick were in contention for the part at one point, and given Cage's penchant for inspired insanity, it's easy to see how he would've brought a distinct manic energy to the role.

Elsewhere, Steve Martin, Rick Moranis and Martin Short were also considered, though clearly had any of them won the role, the end product would've been quite different indeed.

The right decision was made, obviously, but it's also tough not to fantasise about what could've been with Nicolas Cage.


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