27 Awesome Reasons To Stay Alive In 2018

It's gonna be one hell of a year.

Avengers Infinity War God Of War Jessica Jones
Marvel Studios, Netflix & Sony

There's no denying that 2017 was a banner year for pop-culture on the whole: the video game medium enjoyed arguably one of its best-ever years, the majority of Hollywood's superhero movies either met or exceeded expectations, and Netflix continued to accelerate its quest to become an industry in its own right.

Things aren't looking to slow down at all in 2018, but in fact quite the opposite, and you want to make sure you don't want to miss any of it.

With countless long-awaited AAA video games being due for release, the most-anticipated superhero movie of all time finally hitting screens, Netflix attracting more A-list talent than ever before and George R.R. Martin maybe, just maybe releasing a book this year, there's a lot to be hype for.

That's without even mentioning some of the year's biggest sporting events and the all-important pop-culture conventions and conferences you absolutely must tune into. So, get your calendar ready and take note of these super-important dates you can't afford to forget...


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