3 Best Weird Movies That You Must Check Out Immediately

Brazil Why do we watch movies? Every one of us could probably come up with various reasons, and I€™d be surprised if they were all the same. Why do people make movies? Again I could image several different responses to that question (not the least of which is because it€™s a job). So my final question would be why would people make/watch especially bizarre films? And in this case, I€™m not even talking Terry Gilliam weird, I€™m talking about films that are so strange you find yourself staring at the screen with a perplexed, slightly amused expression as your mind tries to make sense of the spectacle in front of you. Movies for which your emotional reaction doesn€™t actually make sense, but only because nothing does. Movies you find yourself recommending to others because you need people to help you process what you just saw. Have you seen any films you would describe that way? I have, and not only that, but I€™m actually the proud (if profoundly confused) owner of the following three films because, I suppose, I subscribe to the belief that it€™s good to have your brain screwed with every now and again. And for that very reason, once you read my list, I want you to post your own list of odd flicks. I€™m going to leave my descriptions of these films rather sparse because, believe it or not, I€™m actually recommending them and the less you know going into a viewing, the more effective their bizarre natures with be.

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