3 Things We'll Miss About Kevin Smith The Director

Kevin Smith We're all pretty sure Kevin Smith will be retiring from directing to write, podcast and perform Q and A's full time. He's still got Clerks III coming and the unexpected Tusk to hit theaters, but other than that he's stated again and again that his time behind the camera is limited. Plenty of people have given Smith a bad rap over the years. Many have attacked him for his negative attitude for critics, others have criticized his directing style as simple and lazy. However, I dare someone to find a person that has not laughed at a Smith movie or chuckled at some of the man's great stories. He's a talented guy whose made some pretty great movies and he's certainly made his mark on the industry and will probably continue to while he pursues writing and producing beyond his directing career. Even as Smith continues to piss people off, promises to retire, make other people laugh and generally geek out for everyone's amusement there's a lot that we're going to miss about Kevin Smith the director. Since that aspect of Kevin Smith won't be around much longer, let's take a moment to examine a few things we are going to miss about Kevin Smith the director.
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