General Admiral Thrawn

For me, despite all its faults, the original Star Wars films will always be the most purely watchable movies ever made and a big reason for that is the ridiculous amount of quality characters that populate the universe. Although many of the characters were not completely fleshed out until the expanded universe, almost every character seen on screen in the movies is instantly memorable and intriguing, and to a lesser extent the same goes for the prequel trilogy.

With a whole new trilogy on the way and several spinoffs in development, it’s time to look back at the characters who made us fall in love with George Lucas’ seminal movies in the first place, both from the original series and the weaker, although very underrated, prequel trilogy and a few from the Expanded Universe.

Picking 30 characters out of the numerous inhabitants of the universe found in the movies, books, games, and comics and ranking them was no easy task but after spending way too much time on Wookipedia I think I’ve found the right order. For ranking purposes, I have generally left out characters from video games and comic books since I don’t really consider them canon. I also didn’t take any Expanded Universe after The New Jedi Order series into consideration since in my opinion, the books have continued for far too long along the same narrative.

Finally the list is weighted towards characters who were featured in the original trilogy, although there are numerous characters from the Expanded Universe, they generally rank lower on the list even if they are more fascinating than some of the characters from the movies.

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This article was first posted on September 16, 2013