4 Formerly Awesome Film Moments That Are Horribly Awkward Today

There are no secrets that time does not reveal. And these secrets, when exposed, can change everything. They can ruin reputations, shatter dreams, level cities, make babies cry. Worst of all, they can render even the most enjoyable movie moments wincingly awkward. In Hollywood, a filmmaker's public image can be so crucial to the way in which we view their work. Sometimes this is beneficial to the performance. Heath Ledger's Joker, for instance, was all the more chilling in the wake of the actor's untimely death. But other times it makes the movie just plain gag-worthy. Think back to watching The Passion of the Christ after word spread of Mel Gibson's antisemitic rant during a DUI stop, and you'll know where this list is going. It's sad but true. Some movies just don't age well thanks to the public follies of those involved in their making. And to think, we welcome these movies into our hearts so openly. We cherish them like our own fond memories. But then some time passes. Time, the great revealer of things. We re-watch them. And wait....Why is a revered director handling the subject of pedophilia with, ahem, kids gloves? Why is an Oscar-winning actor unintentionally making fun of the developmentally disabled? More importantly, how did we miss this before? My, what a difference a day makes. Here are six great film moments you'll never be able to watch the same way again.

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