4 Formerly Awesome Film Moments That Are Horribly Awkward Today

4. Bananas - Woody Allen Jokes About Child Molestation

They say there's a little truth in every joke. But what if the truth isn't so funny? In one of many slapstick moments in Woody Allen's political satire "Bananas," everyone's favorite bespectacled neurotic is not so stealthily browsing the pornographic magazine rack of a convenience store. In a pinch, Allen resolves to hide his scandalous purchases beneath a pile of socially acceptable magazines. To his dismay, the clerk calls loudly for a price check on one of the mags; it happens to be called "Orgasm." Hilarity ensues as Allen squirms in shame. But then comes a line that so thoroughly evokes the gag reflex, instead of the funny bone, the humor falls dead out of the air like a swatted fly. "I'm doing a sociological study of perversion," Allen tells the clerk. "I'm up to Advanced Child Molesting." Well, that might have been funny at the time. But that was before Allen's adopted daughter publicly accused him of molesting her when she was seven years old. Now it just seems incriminating. In Mr. Allen's defense, he is now a family man who has had a lasting relationship with his wife, Soon Ye Previn. Well, come to think of it, she also happens to be his adopted daughter. Ok, this just gets worse as it goes along. Blue Jasmine was great though, right? What was once a hilarious scene now makes viewers want to throw up everything they've ever even thought about eating--especially bananas.

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