4 Reasons Why Midnight Screenings Are Not A Good Idea

26hunger1-articleLarge By the time this article is published the summer movie season will have already begun so for most of you it will be too late. For others there may yet be time to save you from an unfortunate fate. What fate am I describing? The most fatalistic of all the fates. I'm referring to the tragedy of wasting your summer movie season going to an endless amount of midnight screenings. I often wonder what sort of mind came up with the idea of midnight screenings... then I start to shudder. It's not that I'm not saying an evil person thought of it. In fact the person who came up with the idea for midnight screenings probably thought they were doing a good thing. What better way to reward the die-hard fans who've been waiting patiently for a film's opening than by rewarding them with an early screening the night before the film officially opens. The fans get their product ahead of time, word of mouth spreads just a little bit earlier, and the studio even manages to pocket a couple extra million before the official opening of the movie. Simply put everybody wins. What could possibly go wrong? To answer your question, everything. Everything could and in fact did go wrong with that idea. Take it from someone who has been to more than his fair share of midnight screenings; it's not worth it. Don't believe me? That ticket to the Man Of Steel midnight show still looking pretty tempting? Well after I'm done explaining exactly what is wrong with midnight screenings you'll be willing to trade the Man Of Steel midnight ticket for a Tuesday morning matinee screening in a heartbeat. Take heed and forsake your midnight viewing ways and you too shall be saved...
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