4 Reasons Why Skyfall Is The Perfect Celebration Of James Bond

3. Raoul Silva

Skyfall 3 Silva is a curious villain. He simultaneous embodies some of the clichés of Bond villains such as a horrifying physical disfigurement and the whole €œOnly I€™m allowed to kill him€ (Well, her in this case) schtick but at the same time some of the others like use of elaborate death traps are left out. He€™s incredibly genre savvy and works better as a villain because of it. It€™s like Silva€™s watched all of the old Bond films and taken careful note of what not to do. Although that kind of makes sense in hindsight since, as a former MI6 agent who has complete access to all of M€™s files, he has probably read up on at least a few of Bond€™s past missions. Another thing that sets Silva apart from most Bond villains is that instead of trying to make money, destabilise a world power, or take over the world, he€™s out for revenge against a single person. This leads to a much more personal conflict on a significantly smaller scale that€™s a nice change of pace. On top of that he comes close to being an anti-villain since his motivation for revenge isn€™t that unreasonable. Regardless of him going rogue against the Chinese and M giving him to the Chinese in exchange for six other agents resulting in a net gain of five lives, she completely screwed him over. That betrayal from a trusted superior combined with MI6€™s defective cyanide pill pretty much melting his face is a perfectly understandable reason for wanting revenge. And finally, for the first time in Bond history, the villain wins. It€™s not a perfect victory since he doesn€™t kill M or die in the way he intended but, in essence, he achieves his overall goals. Not only does M die but before she dies, she and MI6 are thoroughly humiliated and Silva cancels out the lives M saved by handing him over to the Chinese. Like the film itself, Silva is great mix of the old and new, embodying many traits of classic Bond villains while introducing a few new ones. And his similarities to Bond are a nice touch as well.

JG Moore is a writer and filmmaker from the south of England. He also works as an editor and VFX artist, and has a BA in Media Production from the University Of Winchester.