5 Actresses' Who Could Play Grace Kelly In GRACE OF MONACO

Our top five choices to play the the beautiful and tragic icon in a new biopic of her life.

With news hitting two weeks ago that French film producer Pierre-Ange Le Pogam is developing a biopic of the beautiful and tragic icon Grace Kelly for the big screen titled Grace of Monaco, a fierce battle between Hollywood actresses' is likely to already be underway for the widely coveted role. Film biopics are big business with audiences and during awards seasons and they are truly never big when a biopic is dealing with a Hollywood legend or a member of Royalty. With Grace of Monaco delving into the life of both, this is one hot Oscar-baiting ticket for somebody out there. Based on Arash Amel€™s script, Grace of Monaco focuses on six months of Kelly€™s life in 1962 when the then Princess of Monaco was instrumental in resolving a heated dispute between France and it€™s small principality which it was believed had become a tax haven for the rich. We detailed the plans for the film HERE but now we are turning our heads to who might star in the picture. It's worth keeping in mind the film specifically is set in 1962 when Kelly was 32/33 and our five top choices for the role reflect that;

Jessica Chastain (30)

Jessica Chastain has quite literally played Grace already €“ in that symbolic kind of literal €“ becoming something of an overnight sensation after her turn in Terrence Malick€™s head-scratcher The Tree of Life released earlier this year. Portraying the mother who epitomised €˜the way of grace€™ Chastain earned wide critical acclaim and has become something of a hot property. Since then she€™s appeared in the Matthew Vaughn/Jane Goldman scripted The Debt as well as delivering a wholly endearing and touching performance in civil rights drama The Help. She seems a natural fit for Grace Kelly and her star is rapidly rising. Based on her work so far it€™s a safe bet there will be Oscar nods (and wins) in her future with a slew of films scheduled for release €“ including Take Shelter and Ralph Fiennes€™ directorial debut Coriolanus €“ as well as a long list of films on her €˜to do€™ list we€™ll be seeing a lot more of Chastain in the near future. Strangely, this article was written before we heard about her deal to play a more recent Princess, that of the late Diana in the controversial sounding biopic Caught in Flight. Looks like we weren't the only ones who thought she could play royalty.

Emily Blunt (28)

Emily Blunt has some form with historic characters having portrayed Queen Victoria in the 2009 Julian Fellowes scripted The Young Victoria which won her a British Independent Film Award. Since stealing the show in The Devil Wears Prada €“ no mean feat when co-starring with Meryl Streep on top form €“ Blunt has balanced her more high profile films like Gulliver's Travels and The Adjustment Bureau with low-key fare such as the charming Sunshine Cleaning. Blunt has always been instantly likable onscreen and can show both a formidable and vulnerable side at the same time as best showcased in The Young Victoria. It€™s not hard to imagine Blunt having a similar career to Meryl Streep and the role of Grace Kelly could be just the beginning. Currently filming Arthur Newman, Golf Pro with this year€™s Best Actor Oscar Winner Colin Firth, Blunt has a slew of films scheduled for release including festival hit Your Sister€™s Sister and Rian Johnson€™s upcoming €˜Looper€™.

Olivia Wilde (27)

Olivia Wilde seems to be on a mission to star in everything at the moment. Having impressed in Tron: Legacy late last year as the enigmatic Quorra she€™s been dominating the cinema screens recently starring in Cowboys & Aliens, The Change-Up and the forthcoming In Time. Always a welcome addition to any cast it would be great to see Wilde take centre stage with a dramatic leading role and show us what she€™s really made of. Whilst she was originally slated to be returning to Fox€™s hit medical drama House it€™s looking less likely that a return is on the cards leaving her free to pursue more challenging work such as this.

Michelle Monaghan (35)

Michelle Monaghan should be in more films: FACT. Having held her own in Shane Black€™s fantastic black comedy Kiss Kiss Bang Bang whilst sharing the screen with Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr on the verge of the best comeback in history, she€™s not exactly been taking it easy starring in, amongst others, Ben Stiller comedy The Heartbreak Kid, Ben Affleck€™s critically lauded directorial debut Gone Baby Gone and more recently in Duncan Jones€™s sci-fi Source Code alongside Jake Gyllenhaal. Yet there€™s still more to see of Monaghan. With essentially one scene repeated to work with in Source Code, Monaghan gave a subtle but winning performance convincing us that Gyllenhaal€™s Colter Stevens would take the risk he does in the hope that he can save her from what he is assured is a sealed fate. There's a big role for her in the offing and a Grace Kelly biopic could be it.

Jessica Biel (29)

Jessica Biel seems a natural fit for Kelly appearance-wise but she has a lot more to offer than a similar look. Whilst her recent roles in fare such as The A-Team and Valentine€™s Day don€™t necessarily seem like a natural fit with a Grace Kelly biopic you have to look no further than 2008€™s Easy Virtue from director Stephan Elliott for a chance to see a side to Biel not usually glimpsed in her more popular work. As the glamorous Larita, Biel glides through the film a picture of foreign glamour and style €“ not unlike one Grace Kelly. Whilst most of her films are big-budget, guaranteed crowd pleasers it would be fantastic to see Biel carry a film and build upon what was glimpsed in Easy Virtue and step-up alongside contemporaries like Scarlett Johansson and Michelle Williams in the acting stakes. Next to be seen in New Year€™s Eve €“ a €˜sister€™ film to Valentine€™s Day as well as Total Recall remake alongside Colin Farrell it would be a change of pace for Biel and perhaps a very rewarding one at that. So there's our five picks for Grace Kelly. What are yours?
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