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Along with trailers and posters, taglines are a prime way to grab your attention as a moviegoer and make you want to see the movie more than you otherwise might have.

Coming up with an amazing one is an art form in and of itself. The good ones are usually dripping with cleverness, shrewdly tying in with the themes/characters of the movie without giving too much away, teasing you in a way that make you want to see the movie it’s attached to.

The tagline can even be so powerful as to make a crappy movie seem appealing - read on to see 5 such examples.


5. Alien vs. Predator (2004)


Before Prometheus, when the discussion over whether it was an Alien prequel or not was raging, there was Alien. Vs. Predator, a film which brought together two of horror sci-fi’s most iconic killer monsters to do battle. And even if its sequel, subtitled Requiem, was way worse this was still a huge disappointment for fans of the individual franchises who were looking forward to seeing the two formidable foes go head-to-head, instead spending too much time with characters we don’t care about (something that at least the first two Alien films and the first Predator did very well).

The tagline: “Whoever wins… we lose”

Short and sweet, this tagline gets to the point, summing up the vs. aspect of the film and cleverly pointing out that we (humans) are doomed no matter who comes out on top.

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This article was first posted on June 12, 2013