5 Best And Worst Box Office Performances Of Summer 2013

With Labor Day marking the end of August and the beginning of Oscar season, the summer season has officially come…

Jeff Kemp


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With Labor Day marking the end of August and the beginning of Oscar season, the summer season has officially come to a close for Hollywood, and it will certainly go down as one of the best. At the beginning of the summer, revenues were down over 12% from 2012.  Now, the box office is actually up 0.3% from last year.

Obviously, there have been quite a few misfires, more than usual.  Five major studios, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Sony, and Disney have all experienced major disappointments this summer.  There were also some big budget sequels that didn’t live up to their blockbuster potential.

However, this is a necessary evil in a summer jam packed with big budget franchise hopefuls and sequels. For every film that crashed and burned, there has been another that truly connected with audiences, and earned those involved a fortune.  Here’s a look at the films that surpassed expectations, and the ones that failed to live up to their potential at the box office this summer.


5. Iron Man 3


While everyone knew the third installment in Marvel’s biggest franchise since “Spider-Man” was going to do monster business, few could’ve seen it being this huge.  The movie’s $1.2 Billion worldwide gross was nearly double that of the previous series high, “Iron Man 2,” and it made almost $100 Million more than its predecessors in the U.S.  The $408 Million gross also makes “Iron Man 3” the highest grossing film so far this year, and Marvel’s second biggest film ever, behind only “The Avengers.”

Coming off of “Iron Man 2,” the poorly received sequel that failed to live up to its box office potential, it was hard to imagine a third film getting much hype.  That is, until “The Avengers” obliterated even the most optimistic predictions and flew past $1.5 Billion at the box office, while getting universal praise from critics and audiences.  Coming only a year later, “Iron Man 3” played more like a sequel to “The Avengers” than “Iron Man 2,” and was the biggest movie of the summer, possibly the entire year.