While the rest of the web community is aflutter with endless Star Wars Episode VII speculation, there’s another movie possibility that has me far more excited than a reunion with the Ewoks. Guillermo del Toro (who has not directed a single bad movie) has just put the word out that he’d be interested in playing with DC Comics stable of magically inclined characters by teaming up a bunch of them for a film called Heaven Sent. 

It’s pretty much the Justice League but with characters that have long been awaiting their proper representation on the big screen, and could turn out being far more interesting than the Last Son of Krypton or the Scarlet Speedster. There’s no shortage of fantastic heroes, anti-heroes, villains and others in DC’s canon. But, out of all of those, this is a list of five that absolutely need to be included, either because they are such important characters to the DC mythology or because they haven’t been portrayed before on the silver screen.


5. Etrigan the Demon (Jason Blood)

One of the best things about DC’s magical characters is that most of them aren’t necessarily easily classified as “good” or “evil.” There’s no better example of that than Jason Blood, the human vessel for the rhyming demon Etrigan. Thanks to joining Etrigan’s spirit to his own soul, Jason Blood has been one of a few immortals who have walked the Earth for countless centuries. While Blood tries to use his knowledge and abilities to help stave off any incursions from evil forces, it’s his alter-ego of Etrigan that has his own schemes, sometimes at complete odds with his human host. This alone makes for fantastic conflict and establishes a character well within del Toro’s favored wheelhouse of “torn between two worlds.” Plus, in most instances, Etrigan has been given the rank of “rhymer” in Hell, leading him to speak in bouts of ridiculous poetry. And there simply aren’t enough poetry-spouting demons at the box office as there should be.

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This article was first posted on November 2, 2012