5 Comic Books That Would Be More Successful On TV Than Film

daredevil Ever since Bryan Singer€™s X-Men struck gold at the box office, Hollywood has been buying up every single interesting comic book property trying to create the next Spider-Man or Batman franchise. Since the year 2000, there have been numerous comic book films that have major blockbusters such as the aforementioned X-Men franchise, Christopher Nolan€™s Batman trilogy, and Sam Raimi€™s Spider-Man films. But for every great adaptation like Matthew Vaughn€™s Kick-Ass, there is a terrible one like Jimmy Hayward€™s Jonah Hex. Why is it that some of these comic book films turn out great, while other ones turn out to be horrific? Most people will say it€™s because of the writing, or the directing style, or even the actors playing the titular role. These reasons can all be true, but I believe that some comic books were not supposed to be constrained to a two-hour movie. Some comic book characters that have all ready been adapted to the big screen should have new life on the small screen. These comic book properties need to be reimagined for television. If The CW€™s Arrow has showed us, there can be superheroes on TV; they just need to be treated properly. Here is a list of five comic books that could have more success as a television series then a film franchise.
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