5 Creepy And Weird Comic Book Movie Sex Scenes


We love a good sex scene here at What Culture.

Like most of you reading this we also expect certain things from our screen icons when it comes to 'doing the deed' so to speak. For example you would imagine two superheroes getting it on would be a truly awesome sight. And you'd be right to think that. Superman and Wonder Woman meet at a bar, have a few drinks and then go back to his to look at his ... ahem ... Fortress of Solitude ... wink wink. One thing leads to another and the Earth literally moves. That's how it should be and that's how generations of comic book fans have imagined it.

What we don't expect from our favourite comic book heroes and heroines is for the sex they have to be outright weird and often creepy. But I suppose if you sit and think for a moment what a superhero actually is - a weirdo running around in a mask and underwear- then it actually makes a lot of sense.

So for your amusement here's our list of 5 of the most creepy and weird sex scenes in the comic book movie genre. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions in the box below.


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