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Through a reputable online shopping website, I managed to pick up the Halloween Collection for a ridiculously low price. Having only seen the first two all the way through, I wanted to view all of them as I do love a good bit of seasonal horror.

I had my corn popped, my fridge stalked full of caffeinated products and was ready to begin the horror marathon to end all horror marathons. I started with the original John Carpenter classic and went straight through them all, concluding with the absolutely diabolical and somewhat embarrassing Halloween Resurrection. The boxset didn’t include the recent Rob Zombie remake and it’s sequel, which is good because they don’t exist.

All I want from a Halloween film is Michael Myers to wear the infamous white mask and that iconic theme to play. Two simple things that even Rob Zombie couldn’t get right.

Anyway, as the credits came down on the eighth and final film, I had this sensation that I couldn’t shake. This franchise is actually pretty solid, if you just omitted certain films. Just ignore them altogether, don’t watch them. Forget they exist.

And so I’ve taken it upon myself to write this article in which, I wanted to prove that there can be some excellent film franchises out there if you just take some films from the canon out of the equation.

Though there are a couple of ground rules.

1. All the films in the franchise must have had a cinema release. I quickly realised that I ‘d be here all day if I had to go through dreck like Wild Things 3: Diamonds in the Rough or the diabolical Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

2. The film franchise must have more than four entries into it’s canon. I could write thousands of words on why The Bourne Legacy is an affront to cinema and frankly, the less said about the fridge nuking antics of Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull the better.

3. No reboots. All the films have to exist inside the same timeline or canon.

So with all that in mind let’s have a look at some series that could do with a little trimming.

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This article was first posted on March 31, 2013