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Adam Sandler: Crowd pleaser and enemy of critics everywhere. The man has made blockbusters and “won” more than enough Razzies to fill a cabinet. Audiences and critics never seem to agree when it comes to the man that makes people laugh with films like Grown Ups and Anger Management.

Many critics point to the fact that Sandler simply can’t act. They claim he puts on a man boy schtick and plays essentially the same character in every movie. While I disagree with such a point, I will also counter with the fact that Adam Sandler has pulled out the dramatic sucker punches on audiences before. He’s proven many times what a good actor he is in both comedies and dramatic films.

Let’s take a look at five films from Adam Sandler where he gave stellar performances that just don’t get enough credit from his critics. Here goes.

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This article was first posted on March 25, 2013