5 Great Film Candidates To Replace The Pope & 1 Terrible One

4. Maria (The Sound Of Music) - Julie Andrews

Maria Another unconventional choice, given the fact that the Sound of Music's heroine was in fact of the female gender, and thus wholly inappropriate by traditional papal laws, not to mention the fact that her training to be a nun ended abruptly thanks to her romance wtih and subsequent marriage to The Captain. But, let's be perfectly frank here, there have been very few film characters who have been as purely good as Maria Von Trapp, whose simple objectives of nurturing the Von Trapp children, both emotionally and spiritually were matched only by her defiance of the Nazis. Maria was a hero, and as a gigantic bonus, she knows exactly how to look after initially hostile children, keeping them entertained and off the streets and off drugs, while ensuring they have to facilities to entertain their elders and betters. And if that isn't the real primary objective of the Pope - as God's shepherd on Earth - then frankly, I'm pretty sure I haven't understood the Office of Pope at all.
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