5 Great Films You Probably Haven't Seen

Ahh, the 80s - the glory days of VHS - when films you had never heard of, that never made it to the cinema screen, yet were professionally made and amongst your favourites. This is how I discovered such renowned films as The Hitcher, The Exterminator and most of the Friday 13th films. Back then, the home video market was huge, and many films with fair sized budgets went straight to video whilst others were denied a UK theatrical run because the distributors felt the expense was too much for little gain; especially when the video market was booming and could pick up the slack at a fraction of the cost. And so I present you with five films, from a variety of genres. Titles that leave most people scratching their heads, backsides, or both in puzzlement. The good news is that this article may spark your curiosity. The downside is that some of the films are only available on first-run VHS - so get down to those car boot sales!
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