5 Greatest Movies Based On Stephen King Stories

Music 11 Carrie Stephen King is one of the most recognized and celebrated writers of the last 50 years and his movies have been adapted into some of the most recognized and celebrated films of the last 50 years. King has a seminal voice in the pantheon of modern horror and supernatural fiction, yet he has also proven he can write some incredible tales in a multitude of genres. His stories have become increasingly popular as his career has expanded, which has caused some of the most major filmmakers working from 1975 all the way to the present day to have a desire to adapt his stories. Not only are King's books widely recognized by the masses, but the films that bear his name have also become pop culture touchstones in their own right. With this list, I present to you the 5 greatest movies based on Stephen King stories...

5. Stand By Me (The Body) (1986)

Stand By Me Vomit Not only the best film directed by Rob Reiner, but also one of the best films of the '80s. I was going to include Misery in this spot, but Stand By Me narrowly took its place. Stand By Me is a relatively simple story about a group of young boys who have been lifelong friends that find a dead body. The premise sounds more like one of King's horror films, yet it is one of the best coming of age dramas ever committed to film. The interaction between the cast and the richness of the story benefit the film immensely. You can almost smell the woods (the cinematography is that rich) and Reiner's direction presents an achingly honest portrayal of young friendship that makes this film very rewarding.

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