Whenever you think of Video Nasties, it is normally the notorious big names that enter your head. Cannibal Holocaust! SS Experiment Camp! I Spit on your Grave! These are all censor-baiting, controversial works which have achieved mythical status as to their nastiness. This is due to the fact that some idiots in the British establishment singled out 72 films as being the work of The Dark Lord – they would corrupt and deprave a whole chunk of the British public if they were not banned.

By banning the films, the UK censors enshrined into legend a load of cheap and crappy horror flicks that everyone would have ignored had the Daily Mail and Mary Whitehouse not persistently hammered home what putrid trash these films were. Of course, banning a movie makes it a total come on for lovers of the perverse, forbidden and bizarre.

I spent my teenage years looking down video nasties and I have a darn good collection of them. Some of them live up to their reputation (Cannibal Holocaust) and some of them are a mighty disappointment (Nightmares in a Damaged Brain). Some of them are absolute and utter crap (Cannibal Man), but there are a few gems hidden between the rubbish and the greatness.

I have listed below five lesser known video nasties which are actually pretty decent and enjoyable, but lose out to the bigger names on the list. Please add your own Video Nasty treasures below.

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This article was first posted on October 18, 2013