5 Horrific Film Moments That Made You Look Away

I like to think I’m a big macho kind of guy when it comes to horrific moments in films. As…

Volkan Kacar



I like to think I’m a big macho kind of guy when it comes to horrific moments in films. As a kid watching Predator hunt, kill and skin the corpses of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s elite commando unit would never fazed me. Not saying I was a messed demon Omen child. I just never really contemplated the thought of the pain. As years went by and I watched more blood splattering gore and more stabbing thrillers I realised that I became addicted to horrendous scenes that made me look away.

I can’t speak for everyone but I do love a good moment that makes me shield my eyes or look away and accuse everyone around me for being sissies. The horrific moment that is too much for our eyes and in result we look away, hoping that we won’t be scared, but the curiosity is too much and we always have a second look only to be traumatised. Moments in movies where we witness vicious beatings, someone’s eyes being gouged, a pleasant evening with friends that ends with an unexpected guest or when we decide to have a lesson on history and see the horrors of napalm.

So here is a rundown of the five moments in movies that will make you shield your eyes, enjoy. BE WARNED SPOILER ALERT!

5. We Were Soldiers

we were soldiers

A quick sum up of history for those who have no idea what the Vietnam War was about (trust me there are people out there who don’t know). The Vietnam War is known for the controversy and media attention it got when the US troops tried to prevent communist take over from North Vietnam that tried to reunify the country. We Were Soldiers focuses on the sensationalised perception of the Battle of Ia Drang which was the first major battle between the US and Viet Cong.

With a 360-degree perimeter (that’s frontline from all angles in English) and a second platoon that is completely surrounded and cut off the US regulars has to defend themselves with impossible odds. The moment that made everyone shield their eyes was the order that Lt. Col. Hal Moore (Mel Gibson) gave “Broken Arrow”. With the enemy breaking through and all positions virtually overrun they are unable to hold the position. The perimeter is then bombarded with napalm by Allied aircrafts. Both US and Vietnamese troops are horrifically burnt or killed. When Joe Galloway (Barry Pepper) picks up his friend’s legs the skin from his legs can be seen ripping off.

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We Were Soldiers makes you wonder who in the right mind thought the use of napalm was ethical and that the consequences were something to be proud of. It only makes you wonder how they actually thought the flamethrower was a good idea.