5 Justice League Moments We Needed To See (That Didn't Happen)

So... teasing Darkseid was for nothing?

justice league Darkseid

“Justice League was never going to be a perfect movie.”

That’s what I tell myself to get to sleep every night since opening weekend, when it became a reality as to just how much was missing from DC’s new super offering.

Now listen, you could set Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash in a coffee shop on the set of Frasier and I would watch it, but there are certain responsibilities when making productions like this. Let’s just say not all of those were met by the creators of Justice League.

There were of course moments in the super team-up that I wasn’t expecting and was glad to see, but like sharing a bag of popcorn, you’ll always notice the missing bits more than what you get your hands on. Come along as we count five key things we needed to see in Justice League but... just, didn’t.

Spoiler warning: If you haven’t seen the film, pause this and don’t resume until you’ve taken in DC’s latest mast-…well, their latest piece.


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