Are you a parent? Are you dreading half term again? Well, despite the fact that none of us here at WhatCulture has ever spoke to a girl let alone created a baby with one, we still feel we have enough know how about kids movies to bring you 5 that are guaranteed to save your sanity over the coming week. You can thank us later.

5. The Goonies

A genuine family classic. Perhaps not suitable for the very young, The Goonies has something for everyone. There’s the story itself which has adventure, peril and Pirate’s treasure which is surely the dream way to spend your school holidays – at least when we were kids it was. Then if you’re a girl you have some handsome (ish) looking dudes and strong female characters to look up to and if you’re a grown up its cool enough to never actually get annoying. Oh yeah, and there’s the Truffle Shuffle.


4. Toy Story Trilogy

What’s not to love about this outstanding example of family film making? Toy Story is perfect in every sense and only gets better as the trilogy goes on. It is the benchmark against which all animated movies are now measured and has mass appeal for all sexes and all ages. Who reading this didn’t burst into tears during that near death experience as the toys approached the furnace in part 3? There wasn’t a dry eye in the cinema and we guarantee you’ll feel exactly the same with each new viewing. As this is Disney and Pixar there’s also the guarantee of no naughty language at any point so it’s a completely kiddie safe option no matter if they’re in nappies or not.

Honourable mention: Shrek 1-4

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This article was first posted on October 29, 2012