5 More Toys Of 1980's That Should Be Made Into Movies

The 1980€™s are a gold mine for the movie producers of today. There have been more movies based on aspects of the 1980€™s then most people probably realize. Some of the recent examples of 1980€™s toys that were turned into a movie include the €œTransformers€ and €œG.I. Joe€ franchises. Many other films currently in the pre-production stage originate from a 1980€™s toy or game. We are also seeing second generation movies based off 1980€™s toys such as the upcoming Michael Bay directed €œNinja Turtles€ movie. There have already been four €œTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles€ movies made. However that won€™t stop the movie studios from making these films again and again as long as they feel it would be financially beneficial to do so. The reason that the 1980€™s seem to be becoming more prevalent as the basis for movies is a tricky thing to pin down. Clearly one of the bigger reasons is that the target audiences for most movies today are those people in the age range of 18-35 years old. That range just happens to be predominately made up of those who were born in the 1980€™s. And what better way to attract the attention of an age related target audience than to make movies that center around things that they hold dear and bring them back to the nostalgia of their youth. Another reason why we are seeing an influx of movies based on toys, games, and shows of the 1980€™s is that the 1980€™s produced some very uniquely interesting concepts and €œworlds€ that can easily be converted to the big screen today. In making these films the studios can appease those people born in the 1980€™s as well as gain a new audience with the youth of today. Financially it is a no brainer to make these movies. The studios can benefit from two target audiences with the same film. So with all of that said, here are 5 more toys of the 1980€™s that should be made into a movie.
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