Let’s face it… whether you’re a man or a woman you love a good movie sex scene. Sure, guys and girls probably like sex scenes for different reasons but they’re still a highlight of any movie, especially when it stars your favourite actor or actress and they’re completely naked. No clothes or anything! On the other hand a bad sex scene can totally ruin a movie. Maybe it doesn’t look real enough or maybe it’s two fugly folk getting it on. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s just plain awkward!

In the interest of journalistic integrity your friendly neighbourhood What Culture staffers have watched as many sex scenes as we can to bring you 5 of the worst, most awkward in existence. You have been warned.


5. Moonraker

Sex in zero gravity probably seemed mega cool back when Roger Moore was James Bond, but today, in an age where it’s actually a reality it just seems a little naff and – to quote the kids – a bit cringe! We can think of loads of more interesting things to do in zero gravity – although most do include bodily fluids to be honest. All this doesn’t stop Agent 007 from getting it on in Space though, conveniently covered by a sheet the whole time. Well, we suppose it’s better than seeing his Thunderballs.


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This article was first posted on October 2, 2012