5 Most Outrageous Sex Scenes In Action Movies

When it comes to modern film, sex and violence are usually mentioned together. When a violent R-rated film is released,…

Al Mannarino


When it comes to modern film, sex and violence are usually mentioned together. When a violent R-rated film is released, there is always a good chance that there will be a sex scene between the two main characters. Some of these scenes are implied in films such as Killer Elite, or they could be very graphic, like the slow motion sex from 300.

But then there are other films that push sex and violence to an entirely other level. The scenes in the films listed below don’t contain logic, follow any basic laws, or in some cases seem physically possible. Some of these scenes are for pure comedic effect, and these scenes do just that. In a world where a film like Blue Valentine almost gets an NC-17 rating for foreplay, it’s amazing that these films easily slipped through the cracks. The MPAA must not care about B-movies, but I digress.

Here are the five most outrageous sex scenes that have ever been included in action movies…


5. Crank

Jason Statham became synonymous with fast-paced, off the wall action when The Transporter was released in 2002 and the inevitable sequel in 2005. When writer-directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor cast Statham in their directorial debut, Crank, they knew that they didn’t want to make another Transporter.

While Statham’s character in The Transporter was a highly skilled driver and impressive fighter, his character in Crank, Chev Chelios, is a professional hit man who decides to quit the business and be with his girlfriend Eve (Amy Smart).

The plot of the film involves Chev being injected with a “Chinese’s cocktail”, a deadly poison that slows down the heart until he is dead. Chev must keep his adrenaline up so he can stay alive long enough to find the people responsible and kill them.

This leads to the first scene on our list. Chev goes to get Eve before the people looking for him kill her. They escape and while at lunch, Chev tries to explain to Eve who he really is and what has happened to him. Eve thinks he is trying to break up with her and storms out.

Chev heart starts to slow down, and in one last ditch effort to get his adrenaline going, tries to persuade Eve to have sex with him in the middle of Chinatown. What first starts out as practically rape, turns into one of the most ridiculous sex scenes ever.

A huge crowd gathers around the couple humping against a mailbox. There is even a bus full of young girls parked right in front of them watching the entire event unfold. Apparently they are all too captivated by the low budget porn scene in front of them to call the cops and have these two white people arrested for public indecency.