5 Reasons Why We Don't Need Ghostbusters 3

1. No One Wants A Reboot, Either

Columbia PicturesColumbia PicturesWeek after week, it seems that a new remake or "reboot" is being announced. Fortunately, many standalone classics seem safe, at least for a few more decades, but certain ones that have major viability as the chance to kickstart a franchise all over again are always prey to be reinvented for modern audiences. Ghostbusters has the brand recognition, a slick, easily adaptable premise and even a catchy theme song replete with popular catchphrase that continues to stand the test of time. With another straight sequel involving the original actors managing to go 25 years without launching, the news that the series will be rebooted from scratch only feels like it's inching ever closer. Although Ghostbusters II continues to divide people, it's hard to deny that, as stated earlier, the lasting appeal of both films rests very much on the specific involvement and interactions of Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson. With the first film soon to be re-released in theaters, fan's love and devotion to the series only continues to hold strong. Though a remake of the film would surely earn the studio some money, it would, like most "modern" remakes, only live on in the shadow of its superior predecessor. In the end, the time for a third Ghostbusters that could fulfill years of fan expectation has come and gone. After three decades, the original film perseveres in holding onto its classic status, delighting old fans and creating new ones every single day. As it stands, there's no need to tarnish its legacy by dragging it through an unnecessary sequel or reboot. After all, they came, they saw, they kicked its ass... and that's more than enough to continue entertaining for years to come.
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