5 Reasons Why Wild Wild West Will Be The Best Movie Of 1999

Bloodbath McGrath Holy millennium, Batman! We€™re just two years away from the first decade of the 2000s, and Hollywood is looking to go out with a bang (especially if Y2K hits as bad as scientists as predicting). 1999 has the potential to be one of the most memorable years for movies ever. We€™re getting the first Star Wars movie in almost 20 years, a much-needed Lethal Weapon sequel, and new Kubrick film! I€™ve been reading up on this weird movie called The Matrix, as well (which sounds just okay), and a ridiculous sounding film called Fight Club, but the one that really caught my eye is Wild Wild West. Everyone has been dying for another Will Smith vehicle after Men In Black, and it looks like we€™re about the get the biggest and best one yet. From what we've seen, it looks simply amazing (check out the teaser when you see The Avengers with Uma Thurman), but that€™s only scratching the surface on what could be the best movie of next summer. Here are 5 reasons why it will blow everyone away.

5. Will Smith

willsmith Can the man do any wrong right now? It seems like only yesterday he was living it up as the Fresh Prince with Uncle Phil, and now he€™s suddenly the king of Hollywood after the success of Bad Boys, Independence Day and MIB. With seemingly endless charisma, and some surprisingly good acting chops, it€™s hard to see the man ever disappointing in his movie career €“ unless he starts doing sequels, which would all probably suck (Seriously, who would want to see a Bad Boys 2?). The film is also pulling in some rather reputable actors, such as Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Klein, but the real star of the show is Smith. In the movie, he'll give his take on the classic character, Jim West €“ a hired gun working for the U.S. Secret Service. It ought to be very interesting to see how director Barry Sonnenfeld handles an African American character officer in the era immediately following slavery (imagine the amount of n-bombs Quentin Tarantino would drop in a movie like this). Smith will no doubt carry this story as far as he can, and given even a halfway decent script, it will likely be just another notch on the old belt.

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