5 Sexy French Films To Tickle Your Fancy

The French have always been famous for their sexy films, from the time of La Ronde up to contemporary efforts…

Clare Simpson


The French have always been famous for their sexy films, from the time of La Ronde up to contemporary efforts such as Romance. They are not afraid to push the boat out with sexiness in their movies and with the New French Extremity movement, sex is becoming explicit in French films – often they contain unsimulated acts of sex, thus blurring the line between a sexy film and pornography.

I have chosen five, what I would call, sexy French films. They are not connected with the New French Extremity (which I have previously written an article about) – they are vintage era French erotica, some of them directed by brilliant filmmakers.

I hope you enjoy the list below.



5. My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days (1989)

My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days

Directed by Andrzej Zulawski, this is a one of a kind movie which deserves a wider audience so therefore I am championing it in this article!

Lucas is a computer genius who has just invented a new computer language – set to net him a fortune. But any joy he may have over this happening is made very small indeed because he is diagnosed with a strange terminal disease that affects his memory and language.

Lucas meets a young woman called Blanche at a cafe and becomes utterly infatuated with her. She is a psychic medium who performs elaborate stage shows where she gives messages in rhyme to the audience. Blanche becomes quite famous but it is never made certain whether she is a fake or the real deal. Blanche is due to perform at a seaside resort and Lucas pursues her there. The pair spend several nights and days in sexual ecstasy.

Most people will know Zulawski as the man behind Possession – a former Video Nasty that features Isabelle Adjani having a protracted, severe nervous breakdown. All of Zulawski’s films have a very high emotional content with characters continually on the verge of hysteria.

This makes his films a rollercoaster to watch and may alienate the casual viewer. But I am doing Zulawski awareness raising in this article so I am going to tell you all of his films are fabulous, especially My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days.

The relationship between Blanche and Lucas is very sexy and quirky – at first they do not come across as suitably matched but sexual chemistry grows between them. A dark love story, the film brilliantly depicts Lucas’ mental deterioration as he continually talks throughout the film about anything and everything in order to cling on to life through words.

Zulawski’s hero and heroine are deep characters with highly disturbed pasts which are revealed during the course of the film. This binds them together as they can understand one another.

A very beautiful and exotic film, My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days will appeal to lovers of sexy romantic dramas which are highly stylish and engrossing.