5 Video Game Movie Adaptations That Totally Sucked

Face it. We have all had that moment. The one where we scout for that perfect seat, buy our favourite…

Karan Gurnani


lara croft

Face it. We have all had that moment. The one where we scout for that perfect seat, buy our favourite popcorn combo, and settle down to watch the game we’ve been hoping to be made into a summer blockbuster. Unfortunately though, more often than not, that moment is also succeeded with another one: where we wish we didn’t just waste our money.

Nothing can be more frustrating that to have such high expectations for a film, and have all of them come crashing down. Game adaptations as movies seem like a fool-proof idea. A ready market? Check. Complete plot? Check. Deep pockets? Check. Why then, is it so hard for directors such as Uwe Boll to produce a decent film? Consider movie adaptations such as Bloodrayne, Farcry and Alone in the dark. Only one emotion comes to mind when contemplating those movies…and joy is not one of them.

This list counts down the top 5 game-based movies that sucked. Now I’m sure my opinion will differ from yours, considering the wide array of choices to choose from (considering they all kind of sucked anyway). However, just like every true gamer, this list consists of the games I enjoyed so much, that watching the movie was pure torture. That being said, here’s number 5…

Dis-honourable mention

Now I know this list is meant for movies already released but word around the block is that Angry Birds might be making it to the silver screen. The movie is not even confirmed by any means so far, and I sincerely hope it stays that way. Not because I love the game so much that I can’t bear to watch it being made into a bad film-adaptation, but because even contemplating a feature film about birds being flung off a giant slingshot for 90 minutes is the most absurd idea ever.