5 Ways Justice League Ruins Its Best Characters

Batman, World's Greatest... user of gadgets?

Batman Justice League
Warner Bros.

There’s no such thing as having too many superheroes in film, but as those who watched Justice League on opening weekend may have found out, there is a way to get those superheroes completely wrong.

Meeting the expectations of comic books fans is a lot like being in a bad relationship, what with the non-stop complaining and the fact that you’re never going to please everyone. It didn't stop Warner Bros. trying, though as is clear to see from the terrible box office returns and generally sporadic approach to filmmaking, it's all for naught.

Indeed, fans naturally develop bonds with their favourite characters on paper, forming a vivid perception of how they sound and operate, though once that translates to the big or small screen, such perceptions don't always line up.

Ignoring any flaws we might find in the plot, we’ve taken a look at how Justice League got it wrong with its imagining of certain members of the team, partly killing some of my idols in the process.

As if you need to be told, super spoilers ahead.


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