6 Acclaimed Films With Narratives That Relied On Several Plot Holes

Last year was spectacular. Whether it be ‘how did Bruce get back into Gotham?’, or ‘why was Spider-Man using Bing?';...

Anthony Grogan


Spider Man 22

Last year was spectacular. Whether it be ‘how did Bruce get back into Gotham?’, or ‘why was Spider-Man using Bing?'; 2012 was a year unlike any other for plotholes in film. It served a purpose in teaching us how no film was perfect, and how even when the most anticipated of movies has been in production for several years, the writers of said picture can be lazy beyond mortal comprehension – failing to simply do their damn jobs.

I mean, think of it. You’re watching the movie you’ve been anticipating for years, hanging off every word; and enjoying every last second. Everything’s going swimmingly. Then bam, you’re hit with the biggest, fat ass, plothole you have ever seen. The joy of cinema washed away in a single second, like writing in the sand. The despair of spending the next few hours trying to comprehend why it was impossible for the writers to at least try and elaborate. You lose your hope in film making forever, and spend the rest of your life reading books like a Neanderthal.

Okay, I’m exaggerating. One plothole in a film will not challenge, nor diminish, your faith in the film industry. Nonetheless, they’re still pretty annoying. What’s worse, however; is that they are certain to infect the most reliable, and even your all-time favourite, motion pictures.

That’s right. Every single one of them childhood memories with your idolised protagonists and fiendish villains were riddled with the flaws that tarnish the good name of film. Remember Bambi? Yeah, that was the film that taught kids it was fun to play on iced over ponds. And, how about the loveable Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? That one portrayed how children believed ice cream and lollipops were present in a clearly empty wagon. Want more? Of course you do.

These are the highly praised films that needed plotholes to get through a mere hour and a half of footage.