6 Best & 6 Worst Comic Book Movie Performances Of 2016

The good, the bad, and the Luthor...

2016 Comic Book Movie Performances

Due to the huge success of the genre, films based on comic book properties now manage to attract some very talented actors to portray our favourite spandex-clad characters. Though it has to be said that these talented men and women aren't always able to pull it off.

This year we've been treated to what feels like a record number of comic book movies - some good, some not so good and some so bad that they tore the Internet in twain and ignited a battle between critics and fans. Some split fans right down the middle whilst widening the gap even further between the most passionate Marvel and DC fans. Hate has been spewed from every orifice as opinions and criticisms have flown like Kryptonite bombs across social media. By God it's been fun.

In between all this drama regarding the films themselves, we've been treated and mistreated to performances of all kinds across the quality spectrum. But which are the best and which deserve to be wiped from memory as best we all can?

Please note that Jared Leto's Joker does not appear on this list because frankly he wasn't in the film long enough to form much of an opinion.

So now, first to the good...


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