6 Creepy Films On Netflix You Haven’t Seen

Netflix and hiding-behind-your-cushion.

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As August thunders on, Netflix has the potential to scare you silly, presenting horror flicks such as The Conjuring spin-off, The Nun and Slender Man, all of which show lots of promise. It will be interesting to see whether they join the ranks of Hereditary and A Quiet Place as those unforgettable horror movies of 2018, or instead, join Insidious: The Last Key and Winchester as unnecessary sequels and forgettable originals.

Not everyone will feel like waiting for the next jump scare-filled popular horror however, and in that case Netflix provides a depository of creepy films to tide you over.

Whilst there is an abundance of popular titles on Netflix, there is also a healthy amount of smaller overlooked films that do justice to the horror genre. These come in all shapes and sizes, from zombie outbreaks to anthology films and atmospheric mysteries.

Don't worry though, this list won't be discussing the countless low budget train wrecks that cascade through the service's library. No, this list will be tucking into those films which get under your skin and make you see glowing eyes in your living room... even if they're just the lights on your blu-ray player.

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