6 Films That Put Painstaking Work Into Things You Don’t Even Notice

When the little things mean a lot.


Sometimes it's obvious when a film's creative team has invested a lot of time and money into a particular scene or special effect. It took serious manpower to get Jurassic World up and running, and James Cameron pretty much put digital effects on the map with Terminator 2: Judgement Day in the early '90s.

Nobody would be surprised to hear that a lot of work went into bringing those dinosaurs or that liquid-metal cyborg to life, but there are times when movies plough an insane amount of their resources into things you don't even notice.

That location which spent all of two minutes on screen may have been painstakingly built from scratch or based on a scale model that took months to construct. There are always interesting stories to be found in these cases, and once they've come to light, you'll often come away with newfound respect for the film in question.

Either that, or you'll scoff at how wasteful the studio was to allow the director to shell out so much on a scene or effect that passed most of the audience by unnoticed.


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