6 Reasons Why Midnight In Paris Was Woody Allen’s Best Movie in Years

5. Paris

Woody Allen€™s settings are as much characters in his movies as the actors. In the beginning, it was New York which predominantly set the scene for his movies and to me it sparkled. There is no coincidence that one of Allen€™s most popular movies is named after a part of New York. But what city character is more historic, more romantic and more beautiful than New York? No, not Bristol. Rather, Paris. The first three minutes of Midnight in Paris is just panned shots of the city of love including scenes of urban cafes, the Eiffel Tower and the Seine amongst other highlights. It only gets better as the movie progresses with shots of Versailles, The Louvre and tiny cobbled streets. You can just tell Woody Allen loves Paris as much as its inhabitants adore his films. But, what€™s better than Paris? Well, Paris in the 1920s, in the rain.

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