6 Reasons Why Zach Braff Shouldn't Be On Kickstarter

5. His Perks Don€™t Really Seem Worth it

Zach Braff Kickstarter Perks What makes Kickstarter donations worth it is that nine times out of ten, you€™ll get something in return like a t-shirt or one of the products that you€™ve helped to fund. It€™s a nice feature of the scheme that not only stops you feeling short-changed, but allows the beneficiary to show their gratitude to the benefactors. But when it comes to choosing perks, you€™ve got to make them worth the money you get for them. Something that Zach Braff didn€™t really succeed in doing. For example, a perk in exchange for a $10,000 donation is having a role with a single line in the film. Braff is expecting a person to pay a ridiculous amount to appear in the film and for them to pay for their own travel and accommodation. That is not how filmmaking works. People don€™t pay to be in films and even if your actors are working for free, you pay their expenses. It€™s common courtesy and builds a better relationship between actor and director. And $10,000 for a single line an indie film goes beyond insulting and borders on insane. But I digress. What Braff is offering people as perks are nowhere near worth what they€™re expected to pay. You don€™t even get the film on DVD unless you put in at least $150. Even with Braff€™s autograph on the DVD and a few other bits and pieces such as an invite to an advance screening that carries over from lesser donations, the donation far outstrips the reward. Kickstarter is about communal support and, in some ways, the donations could be considered as charitable. But if you€™re providing a perk, you€™ve got to make it worth it.
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